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Seasonal Produce


 This heat tolerant variety produces the largest and best tasting of all tomatoes bred for heat tolerance. It produces good yields of firm, smooth, red fruit that have a sweet, mild taste, often exceeding 3 1/2 inches across. 


 The nutritional and sustainable value of potatoes can not be overestimated. Although they are three-quarters water and one-quarter starch, they have enough vitamins and protein to provide sustenance as a singular food source.The Yukon Gold potato contains nearly twice as much vitamin C as a regular baking potato and provides some potassium as well. 


Our cucumbers are selected for there small seeds and excellent flavor. Learn about the benefits below

U Pick Strawberry Patch is closed. Thanks to all who visited. See you next season 2019

3 per pound U pick or 4 per pound pre-pick

New Potatoes available now May 22 2018

Call or text Diane for your order of New potatoes now for Market on Friday or Saturday


we should have cantaloupe and Honey Dew this year as well as watermelon