2018 Price List

Subject to Availability June 19 2018

Lettuce-$3.00 head

(Romaine/Leafy Cross)

(Red/Green Leafy)

New Potatoes-$2.00 lb  sold out for the year

(Red&Yukon Gold) 

Patty Pan Yellow Squash-$2.00 lb

Baby Patty Pan- $3.00 lb

Yellow Squash-$2.00 lb

Baby Yellow Squash-$3.00 lb

Hot & Sweet Banana

Peppers-$2.00 quart bag

Green Bell/Italian/Cubanelle 

Peppers-$2..00 quart bag

Jalapenos-$2.00 quart bag

Large Green Bell/Italian-$1.00 each

Curly Kale-$2.50 gallon bag sold until fall

Swiss Chard-$2.50 gallon bag sold out until fall

Small Pickling Cukes-$3.00 lb

Medium Pickling Cukes-$2.00 lb

Small/Med Slicing Cukes-$2.00 lb

Large Cucumbers-$1.00 each

Mt Fresh Slicing Tomatoes-$3.00 lb

Small Round Tomatoes-$3.00 lb

Grape Tomatoes-$3.00 lb

Green Tomatoes-$3.00 lb

Fresh Basil-$2.50 bunch

Fresh Rosemary-$2.50 quart bag

Fresh Oregano-$2.50 quart bag

Fresh Sage-$2.50 quart bag

Dried Rosemary-$5.00 jar

Dried Oregano-$5.00 jar

Dried Basil-$5.00 jar

Free Range Eggs -$4.00 dozen

(Our hens are fed Certified Organic Soy Free - Corn Free Feed)

Blueberries $4.00/pt    sold out till 2019

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We start our lettuce from organic seed in trays and transplant for greater success.

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